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Welcome to BusinessObjects at CERN Support Home page


What is BusinessObjects?

BusinessObjects (BO) allows non technical users to retrieve information from databases and analyze it through "ad-hoc" reports. Reports may be used for drill-down and multi-dimensional analysis.

It is used at CERN by computing specialists in the administrative and technical sectors who want to deliver to the users, a set of reports, which are not provided by CERN-wide tools like CET or HRT. It is an intermediate solution for specialised services between hand-made SQL's and CERN-wide solutions made for a large number of users.

You can find more detailed information in the GDI BO siteYou can also check the official SAP Business Objects website .

If you have any problem related with BO, please contact AIS Support. Please notice that the local BO installations are not longer supported by CERN.