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WELCOME to the Electronic Document Handling Home page.

The Electronic Document Handling application provides a multilingual, web-based intelligent solution to CERN's business processes providing fast, efficient and streamlined organization-wide electronic workflow.

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EDH was developed as a key component of the Advanced Informatics Support (AIS) project, which aimed to provide cost effective user-friendly solutions for reducing administrative overheads throughout the organization.

From leave requests to purchase requisitions, over 100 different forms were in use at CERN. These were filled in manually, retyped, approved, signed, and finally retyped again into the appropriate system - not the most efficient way of doing things.

EDH's objective was to replace these paper based business procedures with streamlined electronic workflow, validating data against corporate databases and automatically generating the end-result with minimum human intervention.

The first implementation of EDH, launched in 1992, ran on CERN's central mainframe computer. Soon after, as central computing gave way to distributed computing, this was replaced by a client-server version, with everyone at CERN having an EDH application on their desktop.

In 1998, as CERN moved towards becoming the world's first truly global laboratory, EDH moved to the Web - itself invented and developed at CERN in the early 1990s.

The year 2000/2001 sees the completion of EDH's Web version which will now become the standard EDH system for CERN users world-wide.

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