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Check below to see if any of these list of frequently asked questions match your requirements


How do I get an EDH account

To obtain an EDH account you can either contact the Divisional Planning Officer (DPO) of your division or contact AIS Support (tel. 79933). You must belong to a CERN division and have a valid CERN Identification Number to obtain an EDH Account.

How do I access EDH?

EDH is available at the URL

How can I sign an EDH document ?

By clicking on the link you received in the notification email for signing a document. This will lead you to an EDH web page opening the document to be signed, there you will be able to click on the Sign button and enter your authorization password then click on OK, and this will send/sign the document.
You can also go directly into EDH and click on the icon Document to be signed by me you will find on your EDH Desktop. There you’ve got two possibilities, either you can click in the little square next to the document number (this will activate the sign button) or you can click on the document number to open it and then click on the sign button.

How can I change my Login password and my authorisation password ?

To change your login password and/or authorisation password, choose the 'Settings' button from the EDH menu.

1)How to change your 'Login password'

- Click on the link 'Login password'. This will open up a window.
- In the field 'Old password' enter your current password (the one you want to change)
- In the field 'New password' type your new password and
- in the field 'Retype password' re-enter your new password.

Then click on the 'SUBMIT' button.

2)How to change your 'Authorization password'

- Click on the link 'Authorization password'. This will open up a window.
- In the field 'Old password' enter your current authorization password (the one you want to change)
- In the field 'New password' type your new authorization password and
- in the field 'Retype password' re-enter your new authorization password.


My icons are in French. How can I change them in English?

Press the 'Settings' button in the EDH menu and choose the folder 'Preferences'. Then select the preferred language.
To visualize the change just refresh your navigator screen by clicking on the corresponding icon in your Netscape/Internet Explorer bar menu.

How can I add some documents icons on my desktop?

In EDH on the Menu, click on Settings, Customize Homepage then select the document by clicking in the little white square next to it, then press the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the document.

How can I sign my document on Macintosh using Internet Explorer.

It is strongly advised to user SAFARI on a Macintosh.

I never receive E-Mail notification for documents to sign

You do not receive E-Mail notification for documents to sign because your EDH Preferences say that you do not wish to receive E-Mails. If you wish to change this you may use the settings option to determine how often you receive email.

Why doesn't my authorisation password work on Netscape (version 3) on UNIX?

Due to rounding errors in Javascript on Netscape 3 on UNIX the MD5 encryption application doesn't work correctly.

EDH doesn't (or no longer) works for me, why not?

EDH and the systems used by EDH (Qualiac for DAIs, Baan for Material requests etc) only functions for :

  • Members of Personnel
  • Users etc with validated contract with CERN
  • Externals with valid start & end date

Other people who have no valide official link with CERN are not able to use EDH.

In all cases one should check in HRT looking for both :

  • AT CERN flag.

Note. It is no use telling the user to change the 'AT CERN' flag. This flag is automatically generated by having a validated contract (e.g. valid external, or user passing by users office and completing the paperwork)

Check in Personnel List  in HRT status of person (ensure you click 'Not at CERN').

Example 1:

EDH Works for the above person because they have AT-CERN = Y and valid external flag

Example 2

Even though this person is a USER with valid contract dates, they have an AT CERN = NO. If AT CERN is N then EDH will not work. We can look in the contract history for more information

Here we see the person was a PJAS and then given a TWO MONTH USER status. This is just a 'grace period' given by the users office. It is not REAL USER status. If the person is to become a REAL USER they should pass by the users office. If they have returned to their home country but still wish to use EDH they should see their experiment secretariat to register as an EXTERNAL.

Example �3

 This person is an EXMP with no valid contract with CERN. EDH should not work for them. They should request to become an EXTERNAL.

Why is my TID waiting for somebody's signature despite of his/her absence being recorded in EDH?

It is important to note that there is NO DELEGATION for the specifically named Client and Suppliers in a TID. If you specify that your TID must be approved by Mr X, then the TID will wait with Mr X indefinitely until he signs. This is because EDH cannot calculate which of Mr X's colleagues has the relevant "technical expertise" to validate the technical details of the Material or Services being purchased by TID. The technical signature is obligatory and cannot be delegated.


Why is my TID, which has a mixture of two different types of budget codes, failing to transfer?

For the moment a Transfer program for TID doesn't allow to have two different types of budget codes in one item. For example you cannot mix Team code and CERN budget code in the same TID item.

My TID Document has been stuck for a long period of time

The document stayed with the client for a period of time since, with a TID, the client is the ONLY person authorized to sign the document at this stage.

Why can't I change the "Personnel Coordinator" via the electronic PAF document?

This is not possible at the moment. If you need to do that, please fill in the paper form and contact so that the change is made in the database.

Why is my PAF document stuck with "Transfer to Foundation failed"?

When creating a PAF (Personal Action Form) document, one has to first end a role, wait after it was signed one day so that it gets transferred to Foundation over the night and then create another PAF to start the same role for somebody else.

Otherwise Foundation generates a "unique constraint violation".

Who can create PAF (Personal Action Form) documents?

It is under responsibility of your DPO (Divisional Planning officer).

What is the delay time for processing EDH documents once they have been fully authorised?

Normally it is one day, in the morning there are automatic jobs that run and transfer documents.

For example: a new supplier is added in SIRIAC, it should appear the next day in EDH.

After I changed department I cannot see anymore documents I created in the old department

Yes, this is correct. The rights in EDH are set in a way that one can see only his/her documents if a document's department is the same as his/her department.

How can I re-route my document which went to a person who is on holidays and has no deputy?

This should normally not happen. However if it happens, it's up to his/her DPO (Divisional planning officer) to do it.

Please note that in case of TID document if it is a client's signature that document is waiting for, that cannot be re-routed. A client of TID always has to sign.

How long does my leave request stay with my supervisor for a signature if he doesn't sign until it goes to his supervisor?

Waiting period for a supervisor's signature in a leave request is 3 full 24 hours working days. Then the document is passed to supervisor's supervisor.

This wating period however doesn't apply if supervisor is on holidays. In that case the document is passed directly to supervisor's supervisor.

I cannot get approval for the team Txxxxxx

Unfortunately not all collaborating institutes accept the use of electronic signature. If you receive a message of the form "The team code Txxxxxx has not been 'certified' for use in EDH". then you should contact Nicole Grenier (EP division) to obtain a form to be signed by your institute stating that the team is willing to accept the electronic approval made by EDH. After you have had this form signed, you will be able to use the team code in EDH.

Why can`t I create Overtime documents more than six months old?

This is correct and it is according to one of the CERN Administrative circulars:

In French -
In English -

I would like a document to be rerouted to someone else ?

You should contact the ais support and provide them with the person's name to whom the document should be re-routed or else the DPO can do it.

I think that the order of signatures is wrong. What can I do to change this?

Please contact your DPO who will according change the priority of signatures defined with edhadmin.

I have ordered some material but so far I have not received it or I received only a part of it.

Please, contact the Stores tel :72265.

I can not find the supplier I want in the EDH search field of my document. How can I do ?

You need to contact the purchase office of your department; they will be able to enter a new supplier in the database.

I can not find the building in the location field in EDH ?

This means the building must ne entered in the database, to enter a new building, please contact Henri Masseboeuf.