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Electronic Recruitment Tool

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e-RT stands for "electronic Recruitment Tool". It offers the following main functionalities:

  • job opportunities publication on the web by CERN's Recruitment Service
  • opportunities search and on-line application by candidates from all over the world
  • communication between CERN and candidates by e-mail
  • search and selection of candidates by CERN staff (selection committees, staff recruitment etc.)

Have a look at our Quick Tour to discover more about e-RT.


While the "Front office" is accessible by anybody from anywhere, the "Back office" is restricted to CERN users having an AIS login and who have received access by Recruitment Service as well as access to some Candidate Folder.

If you think you should get access to e-RT Back Office, please get in touch with Recruitment Service providing your AIS login as well as information why you need to access it.

System Requirements

  • A web browser with cookies enabled is needed to run e-RT
  • Anti pop-up software or options have to be disabled in Back Office
  • It is highly advised to get the latest version of your browser to run e-RT
  • Netscape 4 and Internet Explorer 4 and earlier version are NOT supported with e-RT!
  • If you experience any connectvity or technical problem, please refer to AIS Support.


Dependencies: data sources and client applications

e-RT is mainly a data provider for other AIS applications

  • Foundation: e-RT provides the list of open posts and candidates (through HR see below) to Foundation. This is then used to
  • HR: all candidates who have fully applied in e-RT get their personal details automatically transfered to Oracle HR.
  • HRT: HRT provides some reports on open posts and also list of candidates for Selection Committees.
Click on the picture above to get a more precise image of AIS applications dependencies.


If you have any feedback:

You can have a look at the feedback received from Departmental users so far regarding e-RT here.