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Oracle*HR (Human Resources)

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The Human Resources application covers the most valuable of CERN resources: people.

Management of people at CERN includes: the administrative management of people and the qualitative management of people.

Oracle*HR is now becoming the unique entry point for registering people and has already gathered more than 11 databases giving therefore more consistency and avoiding multiple data entry.

The currently used version of Oracle HR is E-Business Suite R12 with the applet based web user interface.


Note that only central services (Records Office, Users Office, Registration Office, FP etc) have access to Oracle HR interface. Other potential users should use either HRT or EDH HR Admin aka PIE/PAD (see table below). These CERN-made applications use a specific user interface to access Oracle HR data.

Kind of user
to be used
Data retrieval
Central Services
LiveViewOHR LiveView
Data entry
Central Services
Oracle HR
Divisional/Group Secretariat
EDH HR AdminHR Admin (PIE/PAD)
Experimental Secretariat
EDH HR AdminHR Admin (PIE/PAD)

Given the upper table and if you need access to Oracle HR 11i please follow the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

System Requirements

Oracle HR is only supported on Windows 7/8 and Internet Explorer 10.

Other combination of OS / Browser might work but are NOT supported. A supported configuration is always accessible through Windows Terminal Services.



Oracle*HR major functions are:
  • Personal information management
  • Assignments (contract) management
  • Payroll elements management
  • Absence entitlement management
  • Career management
  • Management of official documents, access rights, etc...
  • Structures management (divisions, experiments) etc.
  • (Recruitment management) - replaced by e-RT since 2004
Oracle HR registers the following types of persons:
  • CERN staff and their families
  • CERN users
  • External firm staff
  • External persons needing services (access, computer accounts etc.)
  • Pre-registered persons from PRT and e-RT

Key figures:

Dependencies: data sources and client applications

Click on the picture on the left to get a more precise image of AIS applications dependencies.

Apart from manual entry made by specialized services, ORACLE*HR gets its data from:

  • EDH (Electronic Document Handling) for overtime information, hours worked (weekly reports), leave information...
  • e-RT: the electronic Recruitment Toolkit provides all the personal information about candidates who have applied at CERN
  • HR Access: the payroll computes and transfer to HR the absence entitlement figures monthly
  • Foundation: through this central repository, HR gets the financial structures, email addresses etc. from other systems
Oracle HR is the source for many other AIS applications and databases:
  • HRT: provides a user friendly interface for retrieving and consolidating HR data stored in Oracle*HR.
  • Foundation: HR provides all human resources data to Foundation as well as organization and experiments structures. These data are then used by many other applications (CCDB, Phonebook, EDH, ORIAC, SIRIAC) from Foundation
  • AVCL: the Advance and Claims application gets all personal data from Oracle*HR
  • HR Access: the payroll is caculated monthly based on HR data
  • PIE: the experiments specific user interface to Oracle*HR
  • PAD: the divisional specific user interface to Oracle*HR
  • CTA: the CERN Training Application used by Education Services.