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Note: A new HRT menu in the form of a user customizable Desktop as well as a new user interface for reports is currently being available for testing. On line help for this Desktop can be found at the HRT Desktop page.

Application Main Menu

Whenever you access one of the applications, you will arrive at the Main Menu .

To get more information about the report themselves, please read about Report Controls

The Elements of the Main Menu

The top row of the main menu consists of:

The central part of the screen is divided into two columns:

The bottom row of the window groups several useful tools:

Application Status Bar

Modifications made to data in CERN systems are not visible in the Application until the day after the modifications have been entered. The Application shows you a picture of the reality which is up-to-date within 24 hours (i.e. a photograph of CERN's personnel and financial situation taken yesterday). The Status Bar in the main menu always shows the "Date of last data extraction" of the database. If this date equals today's date, the data in the Application is up to date. If, for any reasons, problems were encountered during the last nightly extraction, then the field shows the date of the last successful extraction.

The Status Bar shows also the "Active roles" of the current user. Your data access privileges depend on the role you have. It is possible to switch between the roles assigned to you using the Access Selection tool.


In the , you can customise look & feel of your session.

The preferences let you customise:

  • Number format by selecting or not the grouping commas and the number of decimal places.
  • Date format by selecting the date separator. However, note that you must choose the separator appropriate to your locale settings to enable MS Excel to properly interpret the dates in the report output. This is an issue when using 'Excel' output option.
  • E-mail address lists by selecting the address separator. However, note that you must choose the separator with regard to your mail client to let it properly interpret the addresses in the report output. This is an issue when using 'Email Options' in the HTML report output.
  • Furthermore, it is possible to switch on/off the automatic display of help panels when moving the mouse over search criteria fields inside of a report.

You can get a preview of the changes you have made, by clicking on the 'Show a sample' link. Remember to apply the changes first.

Session Information

The gives the possibility to view information about your current session. The Session Information includes:

  • login name of the current user
  • full name and organisational unit of the current user
  • current user's access rights

Access Selection

Acces seleciton

The Access Selection tool gives the possibility to switch between the roles assigned to the current user. Depending on the role you have chosen, the data you can access varies. The access roles are grouped according to their type, you can choose one option at a time.


The option provides you with the latest information concerning the Application.

Important information concerning the Application is always published in the News application. If a user has an unread news item, the News application will automatically start up when he logs in to the Application. However, the news list can be accessed at any time by the 'News' link. Individual messages can be retrieved by clicking on the link of the news concerned.

Accessing the Main Menu

How can I get to this menu?

There are several ways - up to you to choose your favourite route:

  • from the AIS web site (http://ais.cern.ch) click on the 'applications' link, then click on the HRT icon
  • from the CERN user's home page, click on Administration, then on the Human Resources Toolkit link
  • type 'hrt' in the address field of your browser (or hrt.cern.ch if you are outside CERN)
  • add a bookmark to http://hrt.cern.ch
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