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**Main Applications**
- OracleHR
- Qualiac

Person Matching

Person matching is the tool used to merge externally provided personnel information with our corporate Oracle HR database. It is currently used to interface OHR with the following applications :

Users are asked to select persons from an external source, then for each of them are proposed

  • either to match it with an existing lookalike in Oracle HR
  • or to create the person once it is sure it does not exists already in Oracle HR

In none of the case Person Matching corrects any data in Oracle HR or source application. It is only used to match persons as it names describes.

Person Matching saves CERN users from double date-entry (incl potential errors linked to such operation) and to create duplicates in OHR database. It searches potential lookalikes by using the Search Duplicates Engines (SDE) on the nearly 200'000 persons database in seconds.

Person Matching is to be used by specialised services only: Recruitment Service, Registration Service, Users Office etc.