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PRT - Pre Registration Tool

PRT allows firm's representatives to fill electronic version of the Registration Form and provide it to Registration Office days before the actual arrival of personnel at CERN.
This allows a pre-check of all information provided and actual registration in CERN Personnel Database.
Added to this pre-registration process, PRT also allows External Firms' Representatives to follow up the lifecycle of their personnel at CERN.

Who should use PRT?

  • If you a representing a firm which has signed a contract with CERN and which will send personnel on CERN site, you may request a CERN computer account and access to PRT application (see below).

How to get access?

Where to get support?

  • For a quick introduction on the application, read our Quick Reference Guide (PDF)
  • There are help section on every screen of PRT which you can display by clicking the icon.
  • In case of more important problems, please get in touch with our support by e-mail at

Y a-t-il une version française de PRT?

  • Pour le moment, PRT n'est accessible qu'en anglais. Nous sommes en train d'évaluer l'effort nécessaire pour le traduire aussi en français. Un guide de référence rapide en français (PDF) est néanmoins disponible.