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Welcome to Safety Officers Support Home page!

The SOS application was initiated by Mr. François Thizy to have one single source for the responsibilities in matter of safety and to make the information publically available on the Web. The application replaces the numerous lists of divisional safety officers and territorial safety officers (persons responsible for the safety in a particular building) that existed in the divisions and which were not consistent with the lists maintained by the TIS division.

The public part of the application consists of a number of pages listing the different responsibilities (divisional safety officers, first aiders, installation supervisors,...).

The data entry part is available to those people maintaining the information. This part is protected by the common AIS login.

After the application was put into production, a small user group has been established which acts as an interface between the divisional safety officers - the principal users of the system - and the development team. This group consists of:

  • Poul Kjaer Frandsen (LHC)
  • Gabi Thiede (AS)
  • Marc Vadon (TIS)