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**Main Applications**
- OracleHR
- Qualiac

AIS mandate

The Administrative Information Services group of the IT Department has the responsibility for all administrative applications and corporate data at CERN, covering the following services:

  • Analyse and specify the functional requirements of administrative applications
  • Purchase, develop, implement, and maintain administrative applications and all tools required for optimal exploitation of the corporate information;
  • Support users of these applications, prepare user documentation and provide training; There are thousands of users within the organization but we provide world wide access to many of these applications;

Business areas for which the group is responsible include:

  • Workflow / Self service (Electronic document handling).
  • Management Reporting and Simulation.
  • Project management (EVM), contract management.
  • Finance,
  • Purchasing and related Logistics (movements of goods on site, inbound, and outbound),
  • Foundation which contains all reference information,
  • Human resources managemnet, E-recruitment and Payroll,
  • Material Management & Logistics (replenishement, warehouse management, E-catalog, etc..),
  • Import/Export supporting all Import, Export and Expedition precedures

Following a strategy to provide a unique, coherent and integrated environment for all applications, tools, and documentation, virtually all functionality is provided through a Web interface.

All applications are based on the ORACLE RDBMS. Server side software is fully installed on a SUN/UNIX environment.

The main objective is to provide CERN with a set of  integrated and reliable corporate Information Systems. AIS strongly supports the sharing of information with non-corporate or non-administrative applications to ensure the availability and sharing of coherent, reliable, comprehensive and accurate data.

AIS supports a large integrated suite of off the shelf application packages covering Finance, Purchasing, Human resources, Payroll, Logistics, Warehouse management, Sales, Distribution, etc.  In addition AIS designs and develops software to cover areas such as Workflow, Electronic Document processing, Budget management and Project management where the current market offer does not match CERN requirements.

The AIS business map will give you a comprehensive 's view of AIS coverage of Administrative Business Processes.

User support is handled via the AIS Support service.

Currently AIS group is composed of six sections: