PPT for EGI is no longer available

Now you should use the new PPT for EU 2, that you can find in the following address:


Important information

Due to the different approaches of the projects handled in PPT for EU 2, we have seen that some functionalities present in the old tool were missed by many of the users. In discussion with the different project offices, we have implemented some of them. They include

Logging into PPT for EU 2

To login into PPT for EU 2, you just need to:

  1. Go to the website: https://ppteu2.cern.ch
  2. Select your federation (EGI) where shown in the image:
  3. Click on the button "Go". You will be redirected to an EGI login page.
  4. Log in normally with you EGI SSO.
  5. You will be redirected back to the application.

CERN Account

If you happen to have a CERN account and an EGI SSO account, they have to be unified in PPT for EU 2. In order to do that, please open a ticket in service now here

Having both CERN and EGI accounts

If you have two accounts, then you should use your CERN SSO by default after the unification has been made. If you log into the application using the EGI's SSO first, then the security credentials will be stored in your browser and you will need to clean the cache before logging again with your CERN credentials.

Support and help

You can find the documentatin and help in the following links:

  1. General help
  2. How to log into the application

If you have any concerns, contact the project office: egi-inspire-po@egi.eu