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PPT for EU Projects
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Welcome to the online help pages of the Project Progress Tracking (PPT) application for EU Projects.



Please contact:

- The Registration Office proper for your project for all registration (members details, computer accounts, etc.) and timesheets (deadlines, etc.) related issues.

- in case of technical problems with the PPT application;

Launch one of the PPT Tutorials online:

1. Tutorial I - Overview of the procedure for timesheets submission and validation. (new version here)

In the tutorial we will guide you through the necessary steps to fill and submit your monthly timesheet.

We will also show supervisors how to find current timesheets to validate, and, how to submit a timesheet for a member that can not do it himself.

2. Tutorial II - A quick introduction how to browse and search your project activities and tasks.

3. Tutorial III- How to create, maintain and delete tasks data in the PPT? (new version here)

This tutorial, mainly aimed at Activity Supervisors (these are the only project members, apart from the Project Office, that have rights to modify tasks information in the PPT application), provides an overview of the tasks maintenance interface.

It might be also of interest to you should you wish to learn how to export a list of tasks as Excel file.

Projects Specific Information: deadlines, e-mails, PPT web address

Please check the Frequently Asked Questions section

You will find there a lot of very useful information explaining what to do, if

The FAQ section will give you also an indication whom you should address in case of an issue (technical problem, incompleteness or incorrectness of data, etc.).

Why not to have a look, maybe your question is already there?

Consult the specification documentation

The "Access_rights_and_Workflow.xls" document defines: