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Printing / Displaying
pages of the AIS site

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Problems displaying AIS pages

Resolution, colour depth

The AIS site has been designed to be easily readable on any resolution from 800x600.
A resolution of 1024x768 with 65 thousands colours depth may give better results anyway.

Fonts too big / too small?

If you think the fonts looks too small or too big, you can change the overal size of fonts by using the following menus in your browser:


View > Increase Font (CTRL+])
View > Decrease Font (CTRL+[)

Internet Explorer View > Text Size (from Smallest to Largest - normal is Medium)

Allow your browser the use of Cascading Style Sheets

The AIS site makes extensive usage of the CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) W3C standard. To get the best result, please make sure that your browser allows the use of CSS.

  Version Setup to allow usage of CSS
Netscape >4.0

Check "Enable style sheets" in Edit > Preferences > Advanced

Internet Explorer >4.0 Uncheck all the boxes in Tools > Internet Options > General > Accessibility
Set View > Text Size to "Medium"

You can find more information about CSS on those two sites:

By the way, the AIS site has been validated by W3C CSS validator.

If you experience any other problem displaying the AIS site, please report it to AIS support

Problems printing AIS pages

Remember that printing Web pages may result in differences from what you have on the screen as the HTML language used to create Web pages is not a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) language...

No printout?

If the page does not come out of the printer, then you should contact printer.support@cern.ch which deals with the technical aspects of printing at CERN.

Do you experience problems with colors?

Try to change the following page setup parameters and see if it prints better
(do not forget to put parameters back in their original value):


Black text
Print backgrounds

Internet Explorer -

Text is cut?

Check in the page setup of your browser that your right and left margin are set to 0.50.