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Giovanni Chierico

Coordinates :

Organic Unit IT-AIS-HR
Internal address 513/2-009
Phone 73663

Brief Curriculum

Giovanni Chierico graduated in Electrical Engineering at the University of Padova (Italy), with a thesis on satellite telecommunication (Joint Phase and Timing Recovery in a Digital Video Broadcast - Satellite System).
He currently holds a staff position at CERN, in the IT-AIS-HR (Human Resources Management) section, developing and supporting J2EE and Oracle based applications. He previously worked at the San Diego Supercomputer Center (CGI/Perl/Unix), has been a consultant on .NET technologies with Accenture and developed Linux based web applications.

During Oracle OpenWorld 2006 in San Francisco he presented the session: "CERN: Building Real-World solutions with Oracle Application Express" together with Joel Kallman. Giovanni is a certified Oracle PL/SQL 10g developer


  • GAD [Génération Automatisée de Documents]. Project Page.
  • Oracle HR second line support
  • Oracle OnDemand. Responsible for the migration of 10 years of customizations to standard supported procedures and APIs
  • CTA [Core Training Application] and Training Catalog.
  • AisMonitor
  • DocLeg
  • Business Objects Managment
  • Various smaller projects
    • AisMedia: Picture management, custom doc imports, ...
    • Oracle HR interfaces to the AIS environment (EDH DCSF Declarations, ...)
    • AisReminders: framework to send period reminders (e.g. expiring declarations, key return, ...)
    • ...
  • Supervised on various projects:

Personal Stuff

If you're brave enough you can take a look at my analysis of the effects of different guitar tunings on common jazz chords!


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