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JavaOne Presentation

JavaTM Servlet API, Oracle 8i, Enterprise JavaBeansTM architecture plus Workflow - A real-life cocktail for success

At the dawn of the third millennium CERN (the world's largest physics research center and inventor of the Web-Wide-Web) is embarking on its largest construction ever. Physicists worldwide require web based access to generate, route and authorize a multitude of electronic documents (such as purchase orders, transport requests etc ) with extremely tight deadlines.

One year ago we embarked in the direction of Enterprise JavaBeansTM (EJB) architecture and a JavaTM Servlet API. Now we are in full production with 1000 different users per day, a multi-lingual system processing 300,000 electronic authorizations per year, electronic Java technology-based "documents" routed by Oracle Workflow, and communication between the documents and the workflow engine running in the Java programming language in the heart of an Oracle 8i database.

We will walk you thru this success story from the early design decisions (applets vs servlets), the promises of the EJB architecture, worries about interactivity, and the risks and pay-offs of going production with such new technologies. Practical advice will be given from the chief developer of this project from the implications of each design decision, to the final load balancing of 1000s of users across 20 Java virtual machines.


Derek Mathieson


(requires Microsoft
Powerpoint 2000)

javaone.zip (3.5Mb)