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Implementing Web Services

Implementing Web Services
The topic of Web Services has been mentioned a great deal in the computing press. As EDH is a fully-compliant J2EE application developed here at CERN, and as part of an on-going activity to provide automated access to EDH, one of our developers has been working in collaboration with AB Division to set up an interface to part of EDH using Web Services. In this IT Seminar we will give a brief introduction to Web Services, followed by our practical experiences gained from developing a Web Service in Java. We will also describe how we overcame the interoperability issues when using the Web Service from an application written in Visual Basic. We will end the seminar by outlining our future plans for a small e-commerce Web Service that we have in the pipeline.

Jozef Dransfield and Derek Mathieson

(requires Microsoft Powerpoint 2002 and
DivX mpeg4 decoder for movie files)

WebServices.zip (14Mb including movie files)

WebServices.ppt (2.5Mb no movies)

Download DivX Now! (local copy)
Download DivX Now! (latest version)

Demo Files:

MessageService WSDL file
Java Client (executable JAR)
Java Server (executable JAR)
Java Client & Server (source code)
C# Client (executable)
C# Client (source code)