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AIS Support

79933 or


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AIS Support

AIS support is now part of IT Helpdesk and is ensured by the IT-UDS group.

The most effective and the quickest way to handle your request for support on

  • installation
  • usage
  • problems
  • enhancements
  • or information

related to AIS applications is to register it via the AIS Support by calling (+41 22 76) 79933 or sending electronic mail to ais.support@cern.ch.


The AIS Support is manned
from 8:30 to 17:30.

+41 22 76 78888 or ais.support@cern.ch


Please be ready to provide the following information if you phone or if you use email :

  • Your name or Cern Identification Number - this will enable your request to be registered in our request tracking database

  • The name of the application for which you require assistance e.g. EDH, HRT....

  • A description of your request with examples if available.

  • If you are experiencing a problem be ready to describe which menu function you are using, and if you get an error message quote the text.

Please try to be as specific as possible, as this will enable your request to be registered correctly, and will enable the person to whom it is assigned to deal with it as soon as possible.

The information will be registered in our request tracking database, and you will be kept informed via electronic mail of your request number, its status and when it is solved.

Remedy will allow you to query the request tracking database. By giving your request number, you can follow full details of how it is being processed.

Our aim is to record all AIS related requests to enable us to improve the quality of the service we are offering to the end-user.


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