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What is CFUTK?

CFUTK derives its data directly from the CFU (Contract Follow-Up) application.

CFUTK is built using the same technology used to build the HRT and CET applications and allows users to easily view all of the data known to CFU in an simple to understand format.

Output from reports can be rendered in HTML, Excel, XML and PDF formats and support is provided to use ranges of values and Virtual Units.

CFUTK was integrated into the CET application at the end of 2007

Who has access to CFUTK?

Access to CFUTK is managed by a user's CFU access and can grant the right to view Contract, Market Survey, Departmental Request or Invitation to Tender documents.

CFUTK Reports

CET Menu

The CFUTK reports can be reached by clicking on the CFU TK link from the main CET menu (shown highlighted here).

CFUTK reports work in the same manner as those in CET, allowing you to use virtual units, ranges, etc.

CFUTK reports can be stored in the CET report folder and scheduled in the same way as any other CET report.

It will soon be possible to use CFUTK data in Information Center to perform ad-hoc queries.


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