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CERN Expenditure Tracking (CET)

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What is CET ?

The CERN Expenditure Tracking application provides a uniform reporting solution for CERN's expenditure tracking needs of the LHC era. The data is extracted from other AIS applications and consolidated on a nightly basis for read-only consultation.

The application is accessible via and runs on recent versions of most modern browsers.

CET Registration

If you have an AIS Login and an official CERN role e.g. Group Leader, Divisional Administrative Officer etc. you automatically have the right to access the data associated with your role.

If you require an exceptional access for CET which is not granted automatically to you, please contact the following people depending on your required access:

  • For standard budget codes, please contact the DPO of the department the budget code is attached to.

  • For team codes, please contact the FP department (Teams & Collaboration service).

  • For contract specific accesses: Those accesses are imported from CFU. If you have read access for a particular contract in CFU, you will automatically get it in CET, too.

All the people holding the role 'CET_ADMINISTRATOR' can grant/revoke access to CET. For further information, please click here.

Should you need an AIS Login please contact AIS Support

CET Documentation

On-line CET user documentation is available, you can also learn how to get started with the application.

Some financial terminology to grasp some basic concepts