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Welcome to the Foundation application home page. The following chapters can be found in this document:

Publically accessible data
Current Projects
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Every AIS application needs to access referential data such as persons, CERN's hierarchical structure of organization units, addresses, and roles. The Foundation database has been designed and implemented to make this data available to these applications, and to applications not maintained by AS-CIS or AS-IDS. By reusing this common Foundation layer, the applications ensure a coherent view of the data.

Since a number of years a growing list of applications is built directly on top of Foundation:

Name Description
Adressage Maintenenace of distribution lists both for paper and email
Courrier Mail office support
Espaces Vertes Support for the maintenance of CERN's green zones (ST)
Firms Common suppliers database
Gescle Administration of keys and cylinders
Gesloc Administration of office space
Guides Support for the visits service (ETT)
Inventory Registration of the divisions' inventories
SOS Safety Officers Support
Telephone Support for the distribution of GSM's, fixed lines, ACB accounts

Typically only a few fields can be changed by the users of these applications, but a lot of data is available from other applications for reference. One example is GESLOC (GEStion de LOCaux), where the divisional space managers and assistants can define a number of attributes for the offices found at CERN. This application has links to the list of offices (from ST), the persons (from HR), and the internal distribution code or postbox (from the mail office).

All applications based on Foundation are accessible from a menu: Access is controlled by the AIS common login. Once logged in, the system displays the applications available to the user.

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Public tables/views

A large quantity of Foundation data is copied to the CERNDB1 database to be accessible by applications which are not part of the AIS project. Based on justified needs, access is granted in accordance with the HR division, which owns most of the sensitive data (home addresses, grade/steps,...). The following areas can be found:

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Current projects

  • Common suppliers database
  • Application for the administration of guides and visits

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