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Human Resource Toolkit (HRT)

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What is HRT ?

HRT is an application for Human Resource management, planning and follow-up as well as a self service application providing pay information, training certificates and much more. The data is extracted from the various AIS databases and consolidated on a nightly basis for read-only consultation.

The application is accessible from the following URL: and runs on recent versions of most modern browsers.

HRT Access

All you need to access HRT is an AIS Login. An AIS login is distributed automatically for any one getting any form of computer accounts (including email) at CERN. You will at least have access to your personal data in HRT.

If you are attributed an official role at CERN, you might have more access. Not all roles give extended HRT access. To check access rights for the most common CERN roles have a look at the HRT Access Grid.

HRT access is granted by HRT administrators. The tool to use is the AIS Roles application. Please have a look at the following page for further details.

Should you have a justifiable need for further access in addition to what you are automatically granted, then you will need to fill in an exceptional access request. An Exceptional Access Form for this purpose is available via Service-Now . This form requires additional authorisation by your Department Leader and by HR department.

Provided by:

HRT is developed and maintained by the GS-AIS-HR section.