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Getting Started

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Getting started with HRT

HRT is a World Wide Web based management tool for Human Resources. It is at the disposal of anyone with supervisory functions at CERN.

This toolkit aims to assist the departments with their Human Resource management, planning and follow-up by providing desktop access to CERN Personnel data.

The level of information access is granted according to the person's role within CERN. Access rights to HRT and its associated data are based upon an Administrative Circular.

HRT provides read-only access to data.



HRT provides details about people cooperating with CERN, both at the laboratory and not currently present at the site now. You can use the Persons menu when searching for complete information about an employee working at CERN or about people in a department or group.

The persons menu provides an efficient way of finding detailed information about a person within a department or group as well as persons participating in an experiment or coming from an institute.

Moreover, information concerning phone numbers, offices, official travel, CERN access rights, overtime and leave details related to people at CERN can also be found.



The Career menu provides information related to an employees' career such as their career history and career path.

Career also provides some more general information such as:

  • open posts
  • training information
  • skills list
  • departmental career scatter graph
  • appraisal reports


The Planning menu option allows you to view information about future staff movements, staff arrivals, departures or transfers within the organisation.

Planning also provides you with information related to the arrival and departure entitlements. It states if a newcomer at CERN has followed the induction program etc...

Planning allows you to forecast PPAs and visualise PPAs situation within a department or group. You can also keep track of your employees' contract situation with the contract calendar option.

Information is also provided regarding Industrial Support, with the possibility to create pivot tables using the Industrial Support Matrix option.


The majority of the items under this menu have been created to support the use of other reports.

This part of the application provides a search facility for retrieving Institutes, Experiments, Contractors, Persons, PPAs, Countries, Courses, Employment, Professional categories, Events and the current list of Official Holidays.

Several reports in this menu allow to produce current departmental organisation diagrams. The diagram reveals the structure of the organic units and the relevant authorities attached to them.

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