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Question: What is HRT?

HRT stands for the Human Resources Toolkit. It is an application which has been written at CERN to assist departments with their Human Resource management, planning and follow-up by providing access to CERN's Personnel data. The data of interest to the departments is extracted from the relevant AIS databases (Oracle HR, AVCL, EDH, Foundation) and consolidated into the HRT database.

HRT is read-only; data cannot be changed, only consulted.

Question: What is HRT-PIE?

HRT-PIE is a small subset of HRT which was made available for the PIE application as a first step towards HRT access outside of Cern and from any web browser.

Question: Who should use HRT ?

HRT can be used by anybody with managerial or administrative responsibility for other people at CERN. Users fall into the following categories: Departmental and Group secretaries, Departmental Administrative Officers (DAO's), Departmental Planning Officers (DPO's), Section, Group and Department Leaders and members of Personnel Department.

Question: How do I get access to HRT ?

In order to become a registered user you have to fill out the HRT Registration Form : "Exceptional Access". If you have an AIS Login and an official CERN role e.g. Group Leader, Departmental Administrative Officer etc. you automatically have the right to access the data associated with your role.

The Exceptional form should be used when you want more access than your role normally allows or if you have no role. This form requires additional authorisation by your Department Leader and by PE department.

Once the form is completed and signed it should be sent to AIS Support (IT Department).

Question: Can I access HRT from outside CERN ?

HRT is now available on the WEB at http://hrt.cern.ch.

Question: How can I get help with HRT ?

On-line help is available from the application. Any question regarding HRT or its use can be addressed to the ais support.

Question: How was HRT developed?

HRT was first released in December 1996, ran under Microsoft Excel and was only available from within the CERN site. As part of the general AIS policy to move applications to the web, HRT started moving to a Java servlet implementation in 1999, and became available as a prototype for testing at the end of 2000. HRT went production on the web in February 2001.

Information about ART the Advanced Reporting Toolkit on which HRT development is based .

Question: How can I access my payslip?

Your payslip is accessible via HRT main menu though the 'My Pay Info' link.

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