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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: I can not find the data I need but I know HRT has it?

This can be because you do not have access to the information. The data in the Information Center is protected by the same access rules as the regular application reports.

It can of course be that we just missed publishing the data you seek. If in doubt contact ais.support@cern.ch.

Question: Why can my colleague pick from more fields than I can ?

Both entire tables and individual fields are subject to the application access rights mechanism. it's likely that your colleagues have different rights than you.

Question: Why are some fields giving different types of input fields when building dynamic conditions?

Part of the information that we enter into the Information Center when we publish data is how the data fits together so that the system knows which type of input fields to generate and which validations to make.

It can of course happen that we have forgotten some fields or mistakenly made the incorrect link. If you think a field should validate more, or differently, there should be a drop down field instead of a manual text field, etc. etc. then just contact us at ais.support@cern.ch and we will look at it.


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